SICK DAY ESSENTIALS/outfits and makeup ideas.

Yeah so the day before last I had an itchy throat, and literally overnight it esculated to not being able to talk because I was so sick, its awful. Everyone in my house is sick now because of me. I ALWAYS end up sick a week or two before Halloween. I have the daily kind of life where I have to get up and go to school at six in the morning every day and these are all of the things I use to get me through that.

So without further ado, my sick day essentials.

  1. Lipbalm, my lips get all gross and chapped (I love e.o.s just throwing that out there)
  2. lotion and face moisturizer for the same reason
  3. homework, when I get home from school I end up laying in bed until its time to go to sleep… and I have a whole pile of undone math homework stacked up
  4. the tropical fruity kind of cough drops, the regular flavor grosses me out.
  5. WATER. lots and lots of water
  6. a comfortable hoodie. I have a low body temp while sick which is only made worse by my school feeling the urge to keep the air conditioner blasting all day. My grandparents went on a road trip this weekend and brought me back a nice comfy thick hoodie today when they got back
  7. headphones and a novel, it hurts to talk so I find ways to stay focused on other things, just something to avoid social awkwardness
  8. a stack of movies, namely the nightmare before Christmas, the corpse bride (I love time burton), clockwork orange, monster inc (the new and old one), and all of the Halloweentown movies (which are personally my FAVORITE part of this time of the year, I watch them every year). My brother JD loves to lay in bed and watch movies with me
  9. My phone, I don’t have any Nyquil right now and when im sick without medicine my body loves to stay up all night and make me miserable. Instagram and KIK save me from that problem a bit.
    INSTAGRAM: kaiaa_love
  10. Portable tissue packs, I love the ones with the cute designs on them

personally around this time of the year while im sick and feel like crap all I want is to be comfortable. I’d be dragging my blanket around with me all through my school day if I could. As mentioned above I spring for a big black oversized hoodie that’s super warm, I usually just pair it with a tanktop and legging style yoga pants, along with either ugg boots or my slip on hello kitty vans because both are nice and comfortable so it all depends on what the weather is like outside because it can be pretty bipolar where I live.
As for bags for some reason this is the time of the year I love to carry a very small bag with a long cross-body type strap. I have a really cute coach one that looks like colorful patchwork on the front of it (I usually like huge oversized purses)
Makeup: honestly. none. I refuse to wear makeup when im sick because im always crying and with a runny nose it just ends up looking horrible by mid day. If I really want to try though I’ll just put on a bit of foundation and concealer so I don’t look so much like Emily (corpse bride reference)
Hair: I’ll either go for a top knot with a stretchy headband that makes a statement or a low side braid. My hair is naturally extremely curly so ill barely pull the flat iron through it just to give it a wavy look because I just hate how my curly hair looks in a top knot for some reason.
Hope I helped a bit & if you’re sick like me then GET WELL SOON(:


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