Pro Mia, watch this

at first I thought that this was a prank to troll everyone with an eating disorder, but this is really cool, she’s legit about it.
I think this should have more views.

this is for the girls that think its “cool” to have an eating disorder



Have you ever felt like your slipping. You feel it but you dont realize it. You only know because every one around you keeps pointing out how “empty” and “lifeless” you look.
You’re broken, you’re hurt, you’re empty, you’re slipping away.. you’re depressed. and worst of all… you never even knew, or rather, you didnt stop to take the time to listen to yourself.
Or this is probably only me and im going on about nothing to no body. Just me? Yeah. Kbye.

things to do when you are sad.

Just, yes.

Tomorrow’s the big day

After so many years of trying to get help, tomorrow is the day I finally go in for therapy for the first time in yeeeears. It’s a new therapist.
Fingers crossed. X