To Post Or Not To Post;

I don’t really know what’s going on with me lately… holy hell. I have TONS of ideas of things that I really have been wanting to post about, there’s a four page long list sitting in the back of my planner. but it’s like every time that I sit down to talk about something it just never comes out the way I want it to. When I first started here I was able to speak my mind without any sort of worry about it, because the only person I was talking to was myself. Once I gained one or two followers it was great because I then had an audience I was able to talk to (a SMALL audience). But now there’s over 160 of you guys. This is MINDBLOWING to me honestly. I started out here as a means to express myself and over time we’ve grown together (those who’ve been around since my fetus days know what I’m talking about) into a place where we come together, it’s not just me going on about my issues but more so me sharing my story and giving my advice to everyone whose asked for it. But that’s the thing, I’m scared to share my story anymore. I know 160 may not be much compared to some of the more successful blogs here but to someone who’s terrified of human contact and has trouble even getting on the phone to order pizza. I find it astounding. So thank you again to everyone who’s been around supporting me. My biggest thing is that I’m scared that my content won’t be considered good enough… but I’ve also been reminding myself that the number of followers here has only been growing. not declining. So guys I promise, I’ll be posting more. Especially starting next month I’ll be posting daily during 25 days of Christmas(:

Fresh Faced

Okay so to be frank I haven’t been posting on here as much as I’ve wanted to, its due to the fact that I didn’t think my content was good enough to be posted. That is, until i realised that I was actually getting views and follows with the few that I was posting, so I guess I’ll keep at it and stop worrying.
This is just an update post to say that I’ve removed all of my piercings and stretched ears and I want to start over. This might seem kind of stupid but it means something to me. The piercings that I’ve had before all came from a bad time. I got them to rebel rather than because I wanted them, and they were done with safteypins rather than sterilized needles. I want to redo everything. I want to be mature about my body and get them done the right way. So here I am, freshfaced and ready to go. They’ve closed up and my body is prepared for the journey 💋-KJ

Also, Like this if you want a fall makeup routine

Beauty and Body Mods💋

Hey guys, today we’re talking about Body Mods compared to traditional beauty. This is going to be more of an opinion post


So its no secret that I absolutely adore different forms of body mods and alternative beauty, I’m in love with all of mine and I love the way that they make me feel beautiful and unique❤ and i plan on getting many many more (credit to this photo belongs to @ofmiceandsex on instagram). I really want these hip piercings, but ill be going over my next planned mods in a different post. But since I’ve begun this journey its a striking realization that not everybody thinks the same way that i do. A lot of people tend to look down upon anybody that looks different than the traditional cookie-cutter view on beautiful. And having constant insults thrown at me and rude thinly-veiled attempts at telling me I’m less intelligent than any other because of my piercings, has caused me to pose the question “can we look beautiful and still be unique?”
Of course my answer to this is yes. I personally get much more enjoyment out of seeing a pretty girl with a full sleeve of tattoos than seeing your typical blonde-hair-blue-eyed girl sporting the latest Forever 21 finds. I guess for me its because I like change. I like seeing new, exciting, and different. I like to change things up, and for me i feel like these are the types of people that become leaders, they’re not afraid to take risks and stand out. So in this case, why is it that we still judge people who look different? Why is it that its considered unprofessional looking to have a piercing or tattoos or stretched ears? It’s the new millennium. Its nearly 2015. Were not still in the 40’s where you needed to uphold yourself in the most perfect manner possible in order to be treated like a human. I feel like we all need to take a step back and take another look at out morals.

My Contour Routine (how I apply bronzer)

Hey guys💋
So today I’m just going to be doing a quick contour rotuine
(Sorry about the harsh lighting. Im still working on lighting in my makeup area)


So the tall photos on the sides im just showing you two of the brushes I use for the bronzer. On the left is just a fluffy brush from Sephora (used for blending) and on the right is a big angled brush used to contour. You don’t absolutely have to have an angled brush to apply, but personally I find that I have a lot more control with one vs any other kind of a face brush.
The bronzer I’m currently using is the Chocolate Soleil by Too Faced. I personally love it, its able to do its job without looking muddy (which is kinda hard lately in finding bronzers) but also smells heavenly ❤
Of course though you just have to experiment a little in finding which bronzer looks good on your skin tone, what works for me may not work for you.
Anyways, starting from the top picture you see me making the pursed-lip snooty face. This is so i can find where I want to apply bronzer. Start from the side of your face and take it under your cheekbone to about half-way to your mouth. (Picture 2). Follow your natural face contour. Don’t drag it all the way across to the mouth or it may turn out looking like just a dark line drawn across your face. You want an airbrushed soft look, not a penciled in look.
LESS IS MORE. Start light and darken it as needed. And repeat on the other side.
Next I just take a tiny bit and pat it on my temples.
You could stop here and blend it out and be done but i also like to contour my nose as well to try to thin it out a bit. I’m taking a pretty thin brush (third picture down) and taking a small ammount of bronzer onto it, I say a small ammount because ive noticed that the bridge of my nose is most likely to get caked up with bronzer. I just use that to draw a two lines, starting on each side of the bridge of my nose and keeping that line straight down all the way onto the tip of my nose, and finally dragging those two lines together on the tip of my nose at a point. (Last two pictures down).
Now for the single most important step BLEND, BLEND, BLEND.
Take your big fluffy brush and blend out all of it to remove any cakiness or harsh lines to give it your more subtle look. & don’t forget the nose ladies
Remember to be patient with it. It took me a few times to get it down pat, and good luck😜 -KJ.