My Mistakes

Honestly, I’ve been having this huge battle with myself about weather I should post this or not, I’m kind of scared that someone might see this and judge me or call me names or something, until I thought back about the reason I created this blog, to vent about my problems and maybe reach out to someone else gong through the same thing… so here it goes. After I posted my last blog post I wasn’t sure what to do with the rest of my day, besides this blog literally all I do is sleep and listen to music. I don’t go out with friends or party or have sex or do drugs or whatever it is 15 year old girls are supposed to be doing this generation, so I got on youtube and obsessively watched most of the videos from one of my favorite youtubers, Laura :
Her channel is all about getting the issue of self harm out there for the world to see and to spread awareness, I really respect her for that. Eventually, this idea sparked in my mind. I don’t know why it did because I haven’t had the urge in over four years… but I did. And so the idea grew and grew and grew until finally I gave in and did it. I cut. I grabbed the first sharp object I could find and just went for it. I’m kind of in regret kind of in relief I have a lot of mixed emotions about it right now.