I finally told

Alright soo.. I haven’t written in the past couple days and that’s because everything has gotten so damn crazy.
Tuesday I made a really hard decision and I decided that I would finally stand up and tell someone something that I’ve been holding in for a very long time. I stood up and told my mom that her boyfriend of 10 years used to sexually abuse me as a young child. Needless to say that it’s sparked up this whole big ordeal In my house. I’ve spent the past three days talking to cops and detectives and social workers and im just beyond sick of it. Its like I’ve had all of this locked away in the back of my head and now that I’m talking about it, it’s coming out more vividly than ever. I’ve already had a few people (his family) call me a liar and that scares me because if they don’t believe me then I wonder who else doesn’t believe me and just isn’t telling me this. It really hurts being called a liar about all of this anyway. I’m still going to try to put on a brave face though. Tomorrow is my little brother’s birthday, he’s turning 8 and I want to make things the best for him as possible because he’s been dealing with this stuff with my mom too. It’s especially hard for him, I mean can you imagine being 8 and watching your dad being taken away from you by the cops and just being scooped up from your house with only a backpack full of stuff. I don’t know what i’m going to do for him yet but it’s going to be super special.(:


Anyways, If you’re going through what I went through, you shouldn’t be scared. Yeah I mean the rode gets a little tough but I still have optimism that it’ll all work out in the long run.

If you need advice or anything, email me.