Depression/Anxiety Comforts & UPDATE.

So I’m kind of curious if this is just me or not. Does anyone else have certain things that comfort them when dealing with depression/anxiety. I’ve kinda just realized mine and I feel like it’s really weird. Since I’ve fallen deep into depression pretty much the only thing I’ll wear is over sized army coats and skinny jeans with my comfortable slip on hello kitty vans. Just recently have I lost any and every interest at all to “take care of myself” in terms of spending an hour and a half every morning doing my hair and makeup so that I’m more attractive to everyone else. I’ve gotten mixed reactions from different people but the funny thing is, I just don’t give a fuck anymore. Random update btw, I think I’m getting even worse, as if that’s even possible, I mean there’s that thing about not taking care of myself anymore, plus there’s the fact that I can’t handle anything anymore. For some reason I couldn’t even make myself handle being able to sit through school the entire day yesterday, I left during second period. I almost made it to lunch time so I guess that’s a plus. Being around people at all makes me uncomfortable, even if it’s my best friends. I just try to hard to smile and act normal but that alone has become a struggle. I’m not enthusiastic about going to my favorite classes anymore, I used to be the first in my art and theatre class but now I’m the last one through the door every day to every class. I drag my feet and contemplate why I’m even there, it takes me forever to get anywhere.

Back to the point of this post, a part of me feels like complete shit when one of those really pretty girls makes an added point to laugh at me loudly enough for me to hear it when they make fun of me because all I’ve worn this week is army coats and skinny jeans, or even worse when they come up to me and tell me to my face how “id be soo pretty if I actually tried once in a while”… but that’s the problem. Actually trying is taking more life out of me than dealing with life itself. It takes as much effort for me as it does for them to mind their own business and as you see both of these scenerios prove nearly impossible.

I think huge army coats (sleeves rolled up) are my comfort because they’re so big they cover me and are literally almost like a comfort blanket to keep me away from everyone, does anyone else have any weird comforts?