Drafting Suicide Notes (with no intention of using them)

Hey guys,

Today I picked kind of a more odd topic: Is it weird to draft suicide notes as a therapeutic outlet? I had someone send an email (keeping it anonymous) asking about my opinion on this, and of course my opinion is no! its not weird.
I like everyone to keep I mind that grieving process is different for everybody, whether you’re grieving a death, a stressful situation, or just getting through depression. Not everybody can process things smoothly, so naturally we cling to any outlet that we could possibly find and I’ve seen (and used) a very wide range of them. And let’s be honest, most of mine aren’t exactly the healthiest options for myself. Suicide notes usually aren’t about suicide (as confusing as that sounds) it’s usually about expressing how you feel, when you think nobody was ever listening before then. It’s almost like journaling in a morbid kind of way. A few months ago I was completely obsessed with this documentary on Netflix about bipolar disorder I found this one woman that said when she hit the low point of bipolar and felt very suicidal, she would always write a suicide note before she brought herself to doing anything too drastic, because she knew that after the letter was written she felt like she got everything out, and it provided enough of a distraction to where it took the edge off the suicidal urge. And it wasn’t just one or two times that she did it, she kept an entire box of these notes.
Watching that made me feel better because it was then that I realized that I did it too, I usually kept them in my journals though, when I was extremely down I would draft a suicide note in my journal and it made me feel better to express to the world everything that I kept locked inside of me for so long,
so no, I don’t think its weird. I think it’s good that you have an outlet for yourself -KJ

The Lock Project♡

Hey guys, I’m a little bit late on this. The lock project was supposed to be done on January 10th, you were to draw different color locks (each color symbolizing something) to show peope that they arent alone.
Red-Self harm
Black- suicidal

I made a bracelet instead ♥
My colors are blue, red, black, pink, and purple.

“im not suporting you”

“im not supporting you”, the worst words you could ever hear from a family member that you always assumed would be by your side no matter what. Y’all know from my coming out story that my family knew about this, well i guess i forgot to tag one person in particular that’s a pretty close family member to me, my grandfather. He’s pretty much raised me. I went to make an appointment to sign up for the Jasmyn house (youth lgbtq support place) and i asked him to drive me. well he just now found out apparently that i’m gay when i told him what the place was. He told me that he didn’t want me going to such a place and he refuses to support me nor awknowledge that I’m a lesbian. That’s a pretty fucked up thing to say and it really hurt. I’m about to bust out in tears again just retyping it. So i recant my statement that coming out is sometimes easy, it’s not.