Adam’s song- Blink 182

I’m trying to type fast because my laptop is dying and frankly I don’t have any energy to run  through the crowd of very loud very obnoxious people getting drunk in my kitchen.
I’ve been thinking a lot recently, probably too much… but I’ve accepted that that’s my problem.
Depression, does it ever really end? or are we always living with it? Maybe its like a bug… no, it’s like a virus. It makes itself show through sometimes and others it just sits in you and grows and grows and just never stops. You never really understand how bad it gets until you finally see it. By that time it’s too late for you to do anything about it..
I’ve had way too much time to think on my hands. I’ve been sitting in bed like all week, watching old 90’s sitcoms and making friendship bracelets (so. many. bracelets). I feel like an old woman. Unable to move, confined to the bed… only, just for different reasons.
My apologies everyone. I promise my posts will get more organized after this. I know I’ve just been bombarding y’all with posts from my random thoughts and updates on life, if I post at all.
I’m working on it.

Acceptance (poem)

Our society is fueld off of hatred and greed
Our kids are learning to text before they can read
Led on false misconceptions of trying to succeed
But were filled up with ignorance by the age of three
You love that I’m unique?
Society, PLEASE. Save the stories
You need more reasons to judge me
But all you get is what you see
At least, that’s what I lead you to believe
I’m not selling my soul for such a small fee
Acceptance?  Fuck it, I’d rather not be.