About Me

Hey guys, it’s Kaia J, the crazy lady behind the blog(:
I’m 16 and a Junior in high school. Upon graduating I hope to go to a cosmetology and become a hair and makeup artist. My dream is to be able to have and alternative style, but to be able to build my career around the fact that I have tattoos, piercings, and various body mods. Decorate your canvas and never let it hold you back from your dreams.
There’s been some controversy on the earlier part of my blog here about me being a lesbian or not, well guys I’m taking the simple route. I’m not labeling my sexuality. We should all be able to love who we love and care about without set restrictions and limitations from ANYTHING, why bother with labels?

I’ve battled with depression for the greater part of my life, I’m still trying to learn how to cope… what better way than to share all of my problems with strangers on the internet?
I also have Anxiety, Social Phobia, And BDB (body dysmorphic disorder).
Don’t be afraid to ask me anything, I’m very open
*This blog is all 100% real and raw about mental disorders and it’s all my personal opinions. You’re entitled to yours just as I am to mine*

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. talacarson
    Jan 03, 2014 @ 15:09:19

    We can’t act contrary to our nature. Be yourself – this is the only way for you to be happy 🙂


  2. dragonflywomanblog
    Nov 03, 2013 @ 22:29:46

    Hey! Your blog is great. I’ve nominated you for a Leibster Award, which generates awareness of up-and-coming blogs. Check out my page to find out more http://www.dragonflywomanblog.wordpress.com


  3. knittedfog
    Sep 05, 2013 @ 08:08:02

    Sending positive vibes for your coming out! Life will not always be easy but it will definitely be fun!


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